Andamur El Límite

An awesome Road show comes to “El Limite”

The celebration of the 30 anniversary Andamur exceeds all expectations of participation and extends its travel to the service area of “El Limite”

After four weeks of Road Show, our trailer of Andamur cumple has already carried surprises, prizes and fun to the service areas of Guarroman, San Román, Pamplona and La Junquera, surpassing all expectations in terms of participation, with hundreds of daily visitors and thousands of gifts handed out.

Contests, surprises, prizes and a lot of fun

Our customers have spent an incredible time at the controls of the Formula 1 simulator; taking track Andamur in our different circuits; without doubt one of the great attractions of our Road Show.

Respuesta&win cuestionario ha dado fantásticos regalos (chalecos salvavidas, matraces de vacío, cargador de móvil para la carretilla, sombreros, etc) entre los visitantes, sólo para venir a divertirse con nosotros.

And what  a great moments we are spending with our drivers in our anecdotes room, where they tell us at first hand their more fun story on route; stories which could take you to sail the Mediterranean!

All this, in combination with the incredible welcome received in each one of the meeting points of Andamur, put our 30 anniversary trailer back on track. #Andamur meets with you, next stop – El Limite.

Come to celebrate it with us

From 7th to November 11th , we will be at our service area of “El Limite” ( 10:00am to 14:00pm and from 16:00pm to 20:00pm). If you want to enjoy everything we have prepared for you, do not hesitate to come to visit us; insured gifts, prizes, games and surprises await you in Andamur Road Show.

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